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Sales Performance Management

Ventana Research is the first research company to have focused on the vital area of sales performance management (SPM). Our latest benchmark research called Sales on the Cutting Edge investigates the processes, information and technology that sales teams are using in sales to improve. This benchmark research investigates the entire portfolio of applications and technology that sales uses or plans to adopt for management to sales reps and within sales operations and supporting sales IT teams.

SPM is important because it is a coordinated and integrated set of sales-related activities,processes and systems that help organizations meet customer revenue goals and objectives. Only sales organizations that integrate people and processes tightly with information and technology are able to maximize their effectiveness, from top management, through finance and operations to the sales representative on the front line. Sales performance management today remains more art than science. We believe this must change. Advancing the maturity of sales and thus its effectiveness and contribution to company success requires not just improved processes but ensuring that the people associated with those processes are evolving to become the sales talent that represents the best of your company. One of the essential underpinnings of this evolution is complete access to information about sales activities and to the metrics that most significantly track the performance of the sales organization.

Learn more about the technology vendors and products in the Ventana Research Value Index for Sales Performance Management. We can help your organization find the right technology for your specific requirements by using our research and industry experience.

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Members of the media who are looking for further information should contactmarketing@ventanaresearch.com


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