About the Benchmark
Social Media in Recruiting

Ventana Research is the only dedicated benchmark research and advisory firm to advance the education and processes for supporting a range of business to workforce needs in an organization for the simple purpose of achieving the fullest potential of organizations most valuable asset, your people.

The mandate to gain access to the largest talent pool and integrate future workers into the hiring and recruiting processes is essential for every organization. Ventana Research conducted research on the integration of social media for both acquiring and generating talent for improving the potential of your recruiting and workforce processes.

For more information on how to benchmark your organization’s maturity and competency in people, process, information and technology using our research, please contact sales@ventanaresearch.com.

Not sure where to start? Leverage our research to gain education on best practices and make immediate improvement:

•    Download the  executive summary  to learn more about this research.
•    Listen to the  webinar  to gain a better understanding of how it can help you.
•    Access our full range of education and fact-based research through  Ventana On-Demand .
•    Determine how to improve your people, process, information and technology efforts.
•     Contact us  to learn how to benchmark your organization’s maturity and competency.

Members of the media who are looking for further information should contact marketing@ventanaresearch.com


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