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Ventana Research delivers expertise and knowledge through high value research and services that will significantly improve your business.  We offer a variety of highly successful services to help you drive awareness, generate leads, mature prospects and provide guidance on company and product strategy. 
Vendor Services Portfolio

Smaller Vendor Services GraphicVentana On-Demand Services
– Our research and advisory service, Performance Planning, includes research and education components for strategic and tactical support for your sales, marketing, service and product efforts.  Our expert team of analysts will help you differentiate your offerings, understand your buying community and market trends to improve your company and product strategy and identify cost-effective business opportunities. Sign Up Now for Ventana On-Demand.
Education Services– Ventana Research’s educational services will help improve your sales and marketing effectiveness by increasing market awareness and generating leads.  The services listed below can be bundled together and customized to fit your personal needs:
  • Webinars – Drive demand and generate leads when our analysts present industry trends and issues that your audience cares about.
  • White Papers – Articulate the business case for the industry issue your solution can resolve in a style end users understand. Also in audio format now!
  • VentanaCast- Educational podcasts are perfect for reaching the executive on the go. Let us speak to your audience on a key industry topic.
  • VentanaProfile in Success- Customer success stories that go into detailed exploration of the problem your solution addressed, the business case and the results of the implementation.
  • Online Educational and Best Practices Resource Portal - We create a centralized library of educational research materials to provide your customers and prospects insights on key topics important to your business.
  • Lead Generation Services– Influence and educate your buyers with our industry leading content and reach over 80,000 business and IT professionals and provide support for lead nurturing and scoring processes.
  • Expert Speakers for Events– Reach your buyers and customers to your sales team to new prospects, we deliver the right mix of research and educational information to motivate and educate your audience.

Research Services- Gain a competitive edge through exclusive benchmark research results and insights.  Partner with us on our thought leadership benchmark research market programs to gain access to exclusive research results and effective sales tools that will increase your market awareness and influence. Learn more about upcoming as well as completed benchmark research programs. 

Consulting Services– Our expert industry research analysts provide objective advice and detailed guidance to sharpen your sales, marketing, service and product strategies. We can help assess the market and determine where you improve your market and product strategies for optimal results.

Why Work with Ventana Research?
What makes Ventana Research different from other analyst firms is our focus on business and IT, our research focused efforts, industry leading benchmark, our extraordinary market reach through our extensive network of media partnerships and our emphasis on delivering results. We reach millions of business and IT professionals through our community of 80,000 members, our media partners who we conduct and syndicate research and our publishing to online business social collaboration and networking sites. Listen to our Twitter feed or our company page on Facebook and LinkedIn along with Business Week - Business Exchange  where we publish highlighted content from our community daily.

For more information or pricing on any of our vendor services, please email or call (925) 474.0060.


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