Ventana Research stands out in its laser-sharp focus and its passion and determination to help organizations reach their full potential. We provide these four key areas of expertise in all of our services. Our dedication to high quality research and benchmarks and our focus on helping organizations use business technology effectively to manage performance makes the firm one of the most valuable resources available to business and IT management seeking competitive advantage and superior performance.

We provide these four key areas of expertise in all of our services.

Research and Education: Ventana Research performs research as the foundation for delivering high value education. Our research spans across business and IT functional areas, focusing on how the alignment of people, processes, information and technology enables Performance Management. We transform that research into practical, actionable education and guidance for organization executives to use. Ventana Research regularly publishes industry white papers and research notes offering insights into industry developments, business, technology and best practices. This vendor research is highly regarded and has helped thousands of organizations invest more effectively.
Benchmark Research: From research guided by our team of leading industry experts, Ventana Research develops industry benchmarks as indicators of an organization’s maturity and guides them through key steps for improvement. Ventana Research has completed more than 35 research benchmarks that reach across organizational areas. As a result, these benchmarks can be used as both guide and framework to bring new services to the industry. Our benchmark research examines the intersection of organizational functions from a business and technology perspective in finance, operations, customer, HR, sales and IT areas to identify points of friction and challenges in utilizing information and technology to manage performance.
To ensure a balanced and unbiased set of benchmark findings, the research universe consists of both the extensive Ventana Research community of over eighty thousand and the broad reach of the company’s media partner network to over 2.5 million business and IT professionals. All our research provides in-depth analysis by size of organization and vertical industry. These benchmarks are a tool for understanding how your organization compares to market competitors and what needs to change.
Digital Educational Content
Technology Vendor Knowledge: Ventana Research has adopted a rigorous methodology to assess technology suppliers and their management, products, partners as well as their implementations in organizations. Our unbiased vendor-focused efforts involve a thorough analysis that begins when Ventana Research establishes research coverage. Today, Ventana Research has established research coverage and interactions with more than 250 technology suppliers in the industry, a breadth of coverage that places it in a solid position to analyze, evaluate and comment on business technology markets and the players in them.
Thought Leadership
Business and Technology Expertise: Ventana Research is actively engaged in acquiring and disseminating knowledge across the key business and technology areas associated with operational performance management. Our practice leaders have deep subject matter expertise and real world experience integrating people, processes, information and technology effectively. Ventana Research brings together research and education; industry benchmarks, technology vendor knowledge, to have the best business and technology expertise.


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