The companies in leadership positions in the coming decade will be those that have focused their business and IT investments to improve business processes and performance. Ventana Research's Education and Training Services provide the vehicle for becoming one of those leadership companies. Education and training delivered by Ventana Research analysts will improve your company's ability to use information and technology effectively and provide the people in your organization with a way to improve their management skills and abilities to work with specific business processes.

Drawing on our unique benchmark research and expertise, we will deliver to you and your organization the knowledge needed to use technologies and tools to attain peak performance. We have benchmarked thousands of organizations using our benchmark methodology that covers four key competencies including people, process, information and technology and assessing them across a four level maturity model and rating. Our approach is flexible. Our education and training delivers the curriculum you need at the pace you want. On-demand content supplemented by Web conferences and telephone consultations gives you exactly the training you need, and do so on your schedule, at any time on any day of the week. Each program conveys a thorough understanding of best practices, processes and technology as well as identifying the key steps to building an effective business case.

If you would like your organization's efforts assessed or benchmarked please visit our assessment services. If you're seeking specific advice or assistance in selecting technologies or learning about best practices, along with gaining access to world-class research, the path to consider is our Ventana On-Demand.


* For full listing of benchmark topics please visit our complete listing.

Competition doesn't rest; act today! Begin to address your organization's challenges and overcome limited resources, increasing complexity and soaring expectations. Learn how to align people and processes with the most efficient technology for your needs and capabilities. Ventana Research, the leading research and advisory services firm, helps thousands of organizations worldwide to improve their information availability efforts. Let us help yours.

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