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The companies in leadership positions in the coming decade will be those that have focused their business and IT investments to improve business processes and performance. Ventana Research's Assessment and Benchmark Services enables companies to focus their business and IT investments to improve performance and gain competitive advantage. Business technology is a critical investment and a market delineator that enables an organization to perform better and achieve its objectives more easily. But selecting and deploying technology is challenging. IT resources are stretched. Vendors and options are proliferating at a time when IT departments are trying to consolidate their portfolios. To turn these challenges into opportunities, businesses and IT buyers must ensure they get the maximum return on the time and money they invest in technology. And to do this, they must have a solid strategy that works with the right technology.

Ventana Research can help. We are the leading business technology research and advisory services firm. Our research analysts have extensive experience and do in-depth research into business and technology trends, vendor solutions and business and IT best practices. We provide your team with objective advice and assessments that will help you create a solid roadmap that addresses both business and technology issues. Our approach yields a strategy that can cut costs, reduce risk and begin to deliver value quickly.

Through our Strategy and Technology Assessment service, we will: 

Profile your business users' and technology community's requirements and capabilities based on their role, position and process ownership or business activity.
Assess challenges to current business activities and initiatives.
Evaluate existing technology investments to identify improvement opportunities.
Perform a TCO audit to capture all the costs associated with existing investments.
Conduct a gap analysis and build a targeted strategy based on desired outcomes.

This program delivers:
Strategy and Roadmap - a firm foundation to ensure the success of your initiatives to support your business process and technology improvements.
Industry Benchmarks and Best Practices - education focused on business and technology benchmarks to help you maximize return through implementing best practices. We can optionally benchmark your organization to your business and industry peer groups.
Increased User Adoption - through better alignment of business requirements with the appropriate business technology.
Decreased Project Risk - through fostering an understanding of the vendor landscape and application of our proven methodology for mapping available resources to requirements. 
• Reduced Costs and Increased ROI - our rigorous methodology to align your people, processes and technology will ensure that you'll make the right choice and get highest ROI. 

Moreover, we walk our own talk. Ventana Research uses cutting-edge technology to deliver our insights where and when they are needed, eliminating the need for repeated onsite consulting engagements and allowing you to schedule the process to fit your needs.

* For full listing of benchmark topics please visit our complete listing.

Competition doesn't rest; act today! Begin to address your organization's challenges and overcome limited resources, increasing complexity and soaring expectations. Learn how to align people and processes with the most efficient technology for your needs and capabilities. Ventana Research, the leading research and advisory services firm, helps thousands of organizations worldwide to improve their information availability efforts. Let us help yours. Just looking for information on getting the right knowledge, please visit our education and training page.

If you're seeking specific advice or assistance in selecting technologies or learning about best practices, along with gaining access to world-class research, the path to consider is our Ventana On-Demand.

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