Vendor Coverage Overview

Ventana Research tracks and covers technology vendors to provide accurate and timely information to our clients and in our research. Our responsibility as a research firm is to ensure that we examine relevant announcements and information about technology vendors within our research practice areas. We initiate and track technology vendors as part of our operations and not as part of any paid service. We believe that by doing so we can best represent technology vendors of all sizes and provide the highest quality analysis and opinion.

We reserve the right to determine if we establish new or maintain research coverage based on briefings and the companies ability to market, sell, service and develop products and maintain customer satisfaction and financial stability.

Request for Quote
We may provide independent quotes which encapsulate analyst’s opinions on market trends and technology to support marketing activities such as press releases, collateral or website content.  Submit requests for quotes to

Request Briefing and Coverage Process and Rules
Click here to obtain more information on how to request a briefing and our coverage process and rules for technology vendors.


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