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After a decade of limited technology innovation, the business and finance computing landscape is beginning a significant transformation. Baby boomers are retiring, changing the demands on financial applications. New technologies will redefine how, where and when work is performed. These innovations will be used to drive effectiveness, not just efficiency. Organizations will now have access to more adaptable analytics, planning and performance management systems including more flexible ERP and other applications. Collaboration, mobile, in-memory and Big Data will affect the design of software and services available for business users and improve business applications for budgeting, forecasting, planning and reporting. It will be easier than ever to fuse financial and operational data to provide executives and managers with deeper insights to achieve more optimal results.

Effective use of information technology enables good managers to make better decisions more consistently. Ventana Research offers guidance for business to help you build core competencies to align strategy and execution, streamline planning to drive faster decision making cycles and enhance financial efficiency for increased visibility, lowered costs and optimize risk.

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