Kapow Software Integrates Multisource Data


Kapow Software aims to help companies make use of the vast amount of information on the Internet as well as what is located in their own networks. It provides tools to define and virtualize access to information, integrate it with other information, such as that in databases, and present it in a useful format. The tools can access data from legacy applications by vendors such as PeopleSoft and Siebel as well as newer applications from Oracle and SAP and applications in cloud computing environments such as salesforce.com’s.

Kapow’s Katalyst platform contains several components. Design Studio lets users specify application integration processes called robots that define a process flow to handle information from multiple sources. It can source various standards and technologies, including XML; Kapow also recently announced support of salesforce’s APEX code. The software supports salesforce applications for sales and customer service as well as applications custom-built with Force.com. Katalyst’s RoboServer component runs the robots that users create in Design Studio, in essence generating and executing application-specific code. To ensure consistent processing, Kapow Automation Browser provides an interface for harvesting information within a Web browser. The platform’s Management Console lets users monitor the processing of integration jobs. Katalyst also lets customers limit access for individuals to only the information they are authorized to use.

Kapow’s software can access large volumes of unstructured data and process them in technologies like Hadoop. The company addresses the need for training staff to use Hadoop with a dedicated tool for automating the interface to extract information and load it to big-data technology environments. The platform can operate on-premises or in cloud computing environments both as software as a service and in hosted systems. It supports integration of cloud applications through its Automation Browser, which acts as the integration interface to the applications. A mobile enablement capability uses Katalyst to harvest and reassemble a Web application for mobile technology platforms. Kapow Katalyst 9.0 enables fast integration of applications and varied data sources with no coding or APIs. Organizations seeking to make better use of their existing investments and integrate them with new ones by harvesting information should examine how Kapow Software can serve their needs.


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