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PLEASANTON, Calif.- Sept. 9th, 2010 -New benchmark research released today by Ventana Research indicates that organizations are aware of the potential for extending the application of analytics to customer satisfaction and other business-related measures, but have a ways to go in developing relevant metrics and KPIs and providing them when both front-line agents and decision-makers need them.

This major research on Contact Center Analytics, the latest from the leading business technology research firm, analyzed input from hundreds of organizations around the world to assess the maturity and direction of their efforts. Ventana Research undertook this benchmark research to acquire real-world information about maturity, trends and best practices in how contact centers use analytics. It explores how they do this now, how their people feel about the current processes and tools, plans they have to change or improve them, and benefits they hope to gain by doing so.

The research found that the traditional emphasis on efficiency persists, with average call-handling time and the number of interactions handled still the most important process metrics. However, first-contact resolution, which is a measure of effectiveness as well as efficiency, ranked third in the new research. It also showed that awareness of customer satisfaction is an increasingly central concern, but currently only slightly more than half of organizations regularly use analytics for customer experience management. We conclude that customer-related analytics are on the radar of decision-makers, but in practice not many companies have implemented them.

For metrics to be fully useful, contact center practitioners need to receive them immediately. However, fewer than one in 12 companies receive their metrics as soon as they are generated and fewer than one-fifth receive them on the same day. And while the research analysis indicates that most organizations view developing agent-specific effectiveness metrics as very important, organizations lag in providing advanced metrics and tools to help agents improve their performance, though they are looking in that direction.

Analysis of the research using the Ventana Research Maturity Index determined that most organizations are not very mature in their use of analytics in the contact center. More than half rank at the two lowest maturity levels, while fewer than one in five are at the highest Innovative level. Among the four categories in which we assess maturity, organizations are slightly more mature in the Information and Technology categories and less mature in People and Process.

"Organizations are advancing in their ability to apply analytics to improve both the operations of the contact center and its contributions to the organization's performance, but there is substantial room for improvement," said Richard Snow, VP of Ventana Research and head of its Customer and Contact Center Research practice. "This benchmark research shows that companies can still do more to improve the way they provide efficiency metrics and that most have yet to devise effectiveness metrics. It indicates that a narrow focus on cost is obstructing improvement in customer service and the customer experience. Moreover, the research makes clear that the timeliness of both metrics and the underlying data is increasingly an issue for companies."

Ventana Research will detail the findings of this benchmark research in a live interactive webinar on September 23rd, 2010 at 10:00 am Pacific time that will discuss the research findings and offer recommendations for improvement. Key research findings to be discussed will include:

• the current state of organizations' thinking on how to apply analytics across customer, contact center and operations functions.
• patterns in the adoption of new methods of analytics in response to the latest thinking on best practices.
• what types of measures, metrics and indicators are most important.
• the current state, future direction of and potential investments in analytics
• existing levels of competency in using analytics.
• attitudes toward analytics software. 
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