Supply Chain Business Intelligence

Ventana Research, the leading benchmark research and advisory services firm, offers a range of on-demand services to support organizations seeking to improve their performance:

Advice and Insight: Ventana On-Demand is a low-cost, easy-entry way to gain access to our research-based insights and best practices and to our comprehensive analyst coverage of your area of business focus.

Education: We can supply, on your schedule and in your locations, precisely the educational presentations and training you and your managers and employees need to gain a competitive edge.

Assessment: We draw on a benchmarking methodology refined over almost a decade to assess where and how your efforts can be improved. Our unique methodology examines your organization’s people, processes, information and technologies.

Benchmark: For the ultimate in rigor, we will complement your assessment by drawing on our database of thousands of organizations to benchmark your organization to its business peers and industry competitors.


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