Ventana Research Releases New Benchmark Research on Information Management
Research finds comprehensive information management still maturing and requires more focus and investment

San Ramon, Calif. – May 3, 2012 – Ventana Research has released its latest Benchmark Research, The Evolution of Information Management, concerning current practices and the benefits organizations may gain by having efficient information management processes and technologies. Ventana Research undertook this benchmark research to acquire information about levels of maturity, trends and best practices in organizations’ information management practices and technologies. In addition, Ventana Research was able to compare current information with groundbreaking research it conducted previously on the same topic, allowing for a thorough analysis of the changes in organizations’ information management.

The latest research found that while organizations are aware that effective information management results in faster decision-making, better decisions and customer/partner interactions, less than half (43%) of organizations have undertaken information management initiatives in the last two years. Less than one fifth have these processes and technologies in key areas of information management completed, including data governance, data integration, data quality, master data management and data virtualization. Thus the research and assessment is that information management is still maturing and has significant for improvement.

Research findings indicate that organizations derive definite benefits when these initiatives undertaken. For example, while 65% of all participants say they largely or totally trust numeric data they use in regular activities, the percentage climbs to over 75% among those organizations that have completed data quality or master data management initiatives. The findings also indicate similar gained benefits when organizations have data related integration, governance, quality, master data and virtualization initiatives completed.

“The state of information management is still maturing. Competencies need to be built through a combination of people, process and technology”, said Mark Smith, CEO & Chief Research Officer. “Our groundbreaking research 8 years ago established information management as the foundation for every CIO. This still holds true and has grown to now be seen as the blueprint for every organization who wants to enable faster decision making and have a foundation for advancing into Big Data and Business Analytics.”

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