Talent Technology Helps Companies Find and Assess Candidates
Talemetry applications assist process from search through verification

by Mark Smith | 2012-12-07 | Article ID: QT12-72 | Article Type: QuickTake

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Talent Technology’s recently announced Talemetry Verify software screens and assesses candidates to help companies make the right hires and save money and time they could waste in trying to assimilate those who do not fit. Verify is built on the business process and HR Services Network (HRNX) workflow integration system Talent Technology got in acquiring HR Integrations. The technology lets recruiting and HR professionals assess and screen candidates within an applicant tracking system (ATS) from a third party instead of using separate applications and authentication services. This saves time and manual effort and reduces the risk of errors. Integrated with an ATS, the application handles background checks, assessment, drug testing, tax credit verification, video interviewing and I-9 eligibility requirements. Verify simplifies these processes using a wizard and step-by-step guidance.

Earlier this year, Talent Technology released Talemetry Match, which potentially improves sourcing quality and shortens the duration of the sourcing process. Talemetry Match employs a sophisticated search capability to match a position profile with candidates across the entire talent pool network, including social networks, job boards and applicant tracking systems. Candidate information can be populated from Talemetry Apply, which now is able to extract information from sources such as LinkedIn. It also simplifies the application process for candidates who apply for a position and grant permission to share their information. All in all, the Talemetry applications streamline and improve the quality of the entire recruiting process, from marketing to verification. Talent Technology allows mainstream talent management application suite vendors to embed its capabilities in their offerings, but it also offers its software directly to customers. Organizations seeking to improve searches for and verification of candidates should look at Talent Technology’s applications.


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