Jacada Brings Mobility to Customer Self-Service
Smartphone application guides customers and informs agents before interaction

by Richard Snow | 2012-11-30 | Article ID: QT12-70 | Article Type: QuickTake

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In 1990 Jacada pioneered the smart agent desktop, which hides applications behind a simple user interface for customer service agents and automates access and updating of systems. The company recently launched Jacada Mobile Agent (JMA), a menu-driven application for smartphones that brings some of the same qualities to customers and helps them solve issues for themselves. Much Like the agent desktop application, JMA interfaces directly with an organization’s business systems so it can present information to customers and update that information as needed without agents getting involved. If the user eventually needs to speak with a live agent, that agent can see the data and steps already completed so the process can continue without repetition for the customer. To facilitate call routing, the product’s capabilities let users bypass interactive voice response (IVR) systems by providing data such as customer profile, interaction type and position to enable the system to direct the call. This kind of application has the potential to improve the experience of both customer and agent, make processes more consistent, get up-to-date information to customers and ultimately reduce call-handling time.

JMA is built on three core components: a visual designer for creating process maps of interactions; plug-ins that allow the apps to use smartphone capabilities and interface with business systems; and reporting, which shows how all the call-handling processes work and pops information into existing agent applications. These components build on already proven smart desktop capabilities. Mobile self-service apps designed for customers using these tools have the potential to increase consumer satisfaction and help organizations meet their operational and business goals. The application makes full use of standard smartphone capabilities, keeping the user experience familiar. Organizations that wish to improve their own internal processes as well as their customers’ mobile self-service experiences should take a look at Jacada Mobile Agent.


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