Pentaho Expands Analytics Platform and Tools
New version supports discovery, integration and mining of big data

by Mark Smith | 2012-10-05 | Article ID: QT12-59 | Article Type: QuickTake

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The latest release of Pentaho’s Business Analytics, version 4.5, addresses data discovery, data integration and data mining and provides visual discovery and analytics that operate against stores of big data. New data discovery features include interactive visualizations for geomapping, heat grids and scatter and bubble charts. Significant improvements to data caching have made visual discovery responsive even when working with big data. By adding visualizations within tables and reports of business facts and figures, Pentaho makes it easier to pinpoint over- and underperformers.

The company has expanded its support for non-SQL environments such as Apache Cassandra, DataStax and MongoDB through read and write interfaces for reporting and analytics. In version 4.5 Pentaho expands its previous support for Hadoop. The software can now be more easily deployed across Hadoop clusters, and it supports secure Hadoop clusters. Pentaho recently announced support for MapR and now adds support for Apache, Cloudera and Hortonworks distributions of Hadoop. The Pentaho MapReduce visual designer is easier to use with Pentaho Data Integration; users can visually access and integrate big-data sources and others through Pentaho Data Integration’s workflow and rules. With this tool and a new Data Quality component, 4.5 can help analysts reduce the time spent on data-related tasks. This product is an example of business intelligence transforming into business analytics. We advise any company not familiar with Pentaho to investigate this enhanced release.


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