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Innovating with Operational Intelligence

Ventana Research believes that as organizations strive to innovate their business, they will need to address limitations in standard practices, processes and technology that could thwart the achievement of their objectives. One of these limits is found in the kind of information available to decision-makers. It is often the case that organizations can gain competitive advantages if they reduce the time between an event and when decisions can be made in response to it, and if they are able to derive from a series of related events guidance that can direct larger changes. Business intelligence (BI) analysis and reporting on data drawn from recorded transactions continue to be useful in this regard, but increasingly employees and processes in business operations and front-line sales, service and support functions need to be able to detect and respond to events as they are happening. Operational intelligence (OI) is a set of event-focused information gathering and delivery processes that can meet this need. Used properly, OI enables people to make better, faster decisions and makes it possible for automated processes to respond effectively to events by using business rules and incoming event information.

We undertook this current benchmark research to discover how OI has evolved over the course of time and what has changed in organizations’ efforts to derive value from events and conditions and to achieve business innovation through the use of OI technologies. This research investigates how they respond to demands to monitor and analyze events and turn the resulting event data intoactionable information; what systems they use to collect and analyze it; and what barriers they encounter in efforts to achieve their aims.

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