About the Benchmark
Hadoop and Information Management

Ventana Research has conducted benchmark research to assess the state and maturity of the management of large-scale data to determine best practices and trends.

The stores of data on which modern businesses rely are already vast and are increasing at an unprecedented pace. Organizations today store and analyze every browser click, every securities quote, every call detail record, every text message, every network packet, every smart meter reading, every RFID tag movement. We have unquestionably entered the realm of Large-Scale Data, a time in which data warehouses and large databases are now the norm across organizations of all sizes.

Ventana Research uses the term "large-scale data" to refer to the situation of companies having to manage and work with very large data sets - typically, more than 1 terabyte of data, and often substantially in excess of that into the hundreds of terabytes. Large-scale data requires new approaches to data and information management, both new processes and new technologies. Both have begun to emerge, leading to the start of development of a set of large-scale data best practices. We believe adoption of these best practices and development of additional ones will improve competitiveness.

This benchmark research will be the first large-scale, effective research conducted in this area. It will help executives and managers to better understand how to improve their information management efforts with specific knowledge on best and worst practices. Ventana Research believes that with proper planning and execution, companies that are able to manage and analyze large-scale data effectively can achieve a competitive advantage.

Not sure where to start? Leverage our research to gain education on best practices and make immediate improvement:

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