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Contact Center in the Cloud

One of the most significant shifts in the history of the contact center is now occurring: Companies can now have a fully functional multichannel contact center without having to issue an RFP or but hardware and software. But the fully integrated contact center in the cloud doesn't have much of a track record yet. This benchmark research uncovered the best practices being used by companies in deploying and managing these contact centers and identified issues encountered.

Ventana Research undertook this benchmark research to acquire real-world information about levels of adoption, trends and best practices in organizations’ use of contact center systems in the cloud. It explores how they do this now for communications technologies, business applications and analytics systems, how people feel about the current processes and tools, plans they have to change or improve them, and what benefits they hope to gain by doing so.


The research confirmed that organizations are moving to the cloud now and will accelerate the pace of doing so over the next two years. Organizations still need to invest in their centers but are operating under tight budgets; cloud-based systems offer a way to gain new capabilities while saving on capital costs, slowing obsolescence and reducing dependence on scarce IT resources. Some companies have already made this transition, and this benchmark research shows that more are about to follow. However, using the cloud poses challenges as well as opportunities. As more vendors demonstrate that their products can address these issues, adoption rates are increasing. Learn more about this important research by downloading the executive summary.

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