Request Vendor Briefing

Please review the following to efficiently interact with our research team for initiating or maintaining research coverage:  

Maintain Research Coverage – News and Updates
We require at least one briefing per year to maintain research coverage. We prefer to receive updates electronically on a quarterly or semi-annual basis as well as when new company, product or customer announcements impact the industry. All briefings on announcements that we will evaluate for coverage should be done no sooner than two weeks before the announcement unless you are a Ventana Research OnDemand client.

If we do not receive an update within one year and do not have sufficient information to maintain coverage, we will change research coverage to dropped and will indicate if it is because of no validation or might indicate not recommended. Our briefing process for vendors currently covered within a research practice:

1.  Submit Briefing Form to
2.  Upon receipt of the form, we will respond within 48 hours to schedule a meeting or to request additional information.
3.  We request presentation materials be provided to our analysts 72 hours prior to the briefing.

New Technology Vendor or Products - Briefing and Initiate Research Coverage

Our research initiation process is a cooperative effort which validates your company, products and customers.  We will list a vendor on our site in a research category and indicate we are assessing for coverage. Here are the steps to work with Ventana Research: 

1.  Submit Briefing Form to
2.  Upon receipt of the form, we will respond within 48 hours to evaluate your request and schedule a meeting or request additional information.
3.  We will put a Ventana Research Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNDA) in place.
4.  We require a copy of your company and product presentation 72 hours in advance of the briefing as well as updates throughout the year.
5.  When the briefing is complete and we agree to proceed based on the relevance of your company and products to a research practice, then a customer and partner reference check will be completed.
6.  Once the customer and partner reference check is completed, research initiation will begin. Your company and products will be listed on our website in related research practice areas and our vendor listing, as well as in any relevant research notes.
7.  If Vendor does not respond with briefing form and references within 90 days of initial contact the status of research coverage will be changed to dropped from assessing.

* When the briefing process is complete we will decide if the briefing warrants a research note or blog to be written.

Ventana Research Coverage Policy Disclaimer
Ventana Research reserves the right to assess, evaluate, establish, maintain or drop research coverage of technology vendors based on its own analysis and judgment. If for any reason Ventana Research believes a technology vendor is not acting ethically or conduct is questionable to continue research coverage and be part of recommendations, the technology vendor will be removed from coverage.


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