Nice Solves Issues in Mobile Self-Service
Application lets contact center agents use data customers already entered   October 30, 2012


Technologies such as Web-based self-service and interactive voice response (IVR) are not connected to the contact center, so customers who cannot complete a self-service interaction must call the contact center and start from scratch with an agent who has no knowledge of what the customer has already done. Responding to the popularity of mobile devices, companies have tried to overcome these limitations by developing apps that include a “call me” icon that the customer taps to activate. But this typically does not improve the situation much because tapping the icon takes the user out of the app, the information is lost and the customer must start over. NICE Systems’ Mobile Reach application links customer self-service on mobile devices to contact center assistance. A user who taps the call icon remains in the app and the agent who answers can see and share what the user was doing without the customer having to re-enter data. Mobile Reach retains not only the data but also any security measures already activated. In addition, it allows developers to bypass IVR by using data collected on the mobile device to route the call.

For developers, NICE Systems provides a module that can be integrated into a mobile app and contains all the features supported by Mobile Reach, such as “call me” integration with GPS and data sharing, including photos. On the server side it uses features NICE acquired in purchasing eGlue to share data with the agent in a user-friendly form. Developers can enhance this by extracting data from other business applications, putting the information in a broader customer context. Using technology NICE acquired from Fizzback, Mobile Reach can send the customer a short survey at the end of an interaction and integrate the responses into the company’s voice-of-the-customer program.

Using features on both sides of the interaction enables developers to make the contact more conversational and allows parties to share information. This personal touch is likely to increase the percentage of interactions that are completed at the first attempt. Mobile Reach provides robust development capabilities. We advise companies to take advantage of them by focusing on designing apps that reflect customers’ perspectives and meet their expectations.


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