1010data Helps Analysts Deal with Big Data
Large-scale analytics server provides tools for both analysts and IT   October 17, 2012


1010data provides more than a data warehouse; its product is a large-scale analytics server that enables business analysts to work on big data, conducting, for example, market basket analysis or correlations of customer and product information. Because the company provides big data and business analytics in the cloud and in a hosted environment, IT departments need not implement and maintain the technology or the data. For analysts, 1010data provides capabilities to perform in-depth statistical and predictive analyses. It provides assurance for IT by loading its customers’ data into its secure, managed environment through an interface called Power Loader. It also provides an API for organizations that want to integrate their existing processing with the 1010data platform. Organizations that want to retain and analyze more data and increase the speed of analysis should consider 1010data’s combination of features and services .


1010data provides a Web-based interface for conducting analytics against the customer organization’s enterprise data. There is also a simple interface through which users can develop their own data sets and segment them quickly for analysis. Our benchmark research in business analytics found that analysts spend more than two-thirds of the analytic process in data-related activities; 1010Data can reduce this preparation significantly.

The company also provides a Microsoft Excel add-in that lets users adopt a spreadsheet as the environment for reviewing data and for creating charts or presentations. Its Micro-Segmentation Wizard helps users target segments in its analytics. Using these capabilities 1010data can deliver on and apply business analytics so users get results within seconds in a way that traditional business intelligence cannot do against big data.

Business intelligence (BI) tools such as Information Builders WebFOCUS can access 1010data. Such use of BI helps get analytics and the resulting metrics out to business users in the organization. Those users can then employ them to act and make decisions. Metrics also can be included within dashboards, reports or other analytic deployments. As well, 1010Data’s API, scripting interface and Power Loader can be integrated with IT-level data processes. This enables IT to manage tasks like data integration and quality while analytics are available to those who require them in their jobs.

Market Impact

After starting in the financial services market, 1010data has achieved significant growth in the manufacturing and retail markets. This is because it can manage massive volumes of transaction data for customers and consumer interactions at stores, on the Internet and via social media. This variety of data is typically large in size and must be analyzed at a detailed level.


The immediate challenge for 1010data is to get the market to understand that it offers more than a data warehouse. By providing big-data analytics that do not require organizations to learn new technologies, the platform helps analysts move beyond silos of spreadsheets and reporting to real analytics. It also helps them build the foundation for more advanced capabilities such as predictive analytics. Analysts and IT departments that want to have more power, spend less time worrying about data issues and improve the value of data and their working relationship with business should look into adopting 1010Data.


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