InetSoft Style Intelligence Speeds and Simplifies BI
Version 11.2 expands sophistication for analyzing and presenting information   September 28, 2012


InetSoft, which has been providing business intelligence tools for more than 15 years, recently announced version 11.2 of its Style Intelligence product. The new version adds many new capabilities. It now allows users to modify data in its Viewsheet data worksheet and write back to databases to support a range of needs. It also enables them to export and manipulate data within Microsoft Excel and then import it back into Style Intelligence for further use. An analyst can define fields using the software’s Visual Composer and can extend data further through scripting in Style Studio, which is one of the easiest-to-use business intelligence tools available. Users can model data relationships using the Data Block feature, then easily build out a Viewsheet of analytics and present it using the Visual Composer assembly and presentation environment. This approach helps analysts reduce data preparation time. InetSoft users also can quickly assemble and deploy dashboards or reports, reducing the time required to get analytics and information in the hands of business people.

Last year, InetSoft added HTML5 support with Style Intelligence 11.1, and it can support browsers on Apple iPads and Android devices. Its tablet application provides interactive controls such as sliders and checkboxes for data discovery, functionality similar to what analysts get from desktop BI tools. With version 11.1, Style Intelligence became a BI product for distributed enterprises, with support for multitier development and deployment. Analysts can easily save and push out new versions of reports for review and approval. They can build metrics and calculate fields based on intelligent aggregates that the software automatically recalculates in any analytic view. These metrics can be sourced from various data repositories, and analysts can drill down within charts and cross-tabs to the underlying data. Analysts have come to expect this type of capability as they look to build on what they know how to accomplish with spreadsheets but in simpler, sharable and secure ways. InetSoft’s 11.1 and 11.2 releases continue to expand the software’s sophistication for creating planning and what-if scenarios. Organizations seeking business intelligence technology that is easy to use and assemble and can work across a distributed enterprise and on mobile platforms should look at InetSoft’s latest release.


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