Peoplefluent Invests in Socialtext
Partnership brings social collaboration to human capital management   September 21, 2012


Peoplefluent recently announced an investment in Socialtext, a Silicon Valley-based company that provides social collaboration software for the enterprise, a move that will extend Socialtext into the human capital management market. Socialtext provides a collaborative portal framework in which other applications that comply with the Google OpenSocial standard can embed content and services. Its software enables private and public group collaboration and project management, offering individual collaboration and communications in what it calls activity streams. This social networking approach lets individuals ask questions, post comments and provide feedback. The software can create content from blogs and wikis, and its Socialtext 360 matches people based on their interests to facilitate coaching and mentoring in the organization. Individuals can create teams whose members are located in different geographic areas. Socialtext also works with SocialCalc, an open source, JavaScript-based spreadsheet that can integrate analytics into social collaboration technology for easy access and review. Peoplefluent already uses tablets as a platform for a new class of manager applications for human capital. Socialtext has been advancing its capabilities to operate on tablets, and Peoplefluent’s investment will move these efforts forward.

Not long ago Peoplefluent acquired Strategia, which markets a learning management system, to be able to address within its application suite the growing demand for online learning. Strategia provides significant capabilities for creating and cataloguing learning content and for tracking who has and has not viewed it. That acquisition enables organizations to develop and maintain robust libraries of content, which can assist in improving employee talent competencies and compliance with policies and regulations . Now Peoplefluent Learning can integrate with Socialtext to extend the potential for social learning. This aspect of social collaboration promises to promote greater employee engagement, and we expect it to become a standard component of organizations’ operations; Peoplefluent is positioned to be at the center of this opportunity. As it becomes a key tool for integrating social collaboration with Peoplefluent’s portfolio of applications for human capital management, organizations seeking to retain and engage their talent should look into how Socialtext works.


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