InContact Supports Customer Interaction Management
Latest release provides holistic view across business units   July 09, 2012


Recently, in part due to a closer partnership with Verint, inContact announced a number of new capabilities for its cloud-based contact center. These include the ability to develop scripts that guide users in how to handle interactions and a “click to call” capability that allows customers to request a call-back using the Web or IVR. These new capabilities reflect inContact’s stated intent to “bring harmony” to the contact center. Doing so begins by recognizing a customer relationship maturity trend identified by Ventana Research: that customer interactions now are being handled through more communication channels and by business units outside the traditional contact center. Therefore, in addition to deploying contact center systems, organizations need to integrate contact management with mainstream business applications such as CRM.

InContact’s latest release simplifies integration with these applications and supports the process of customer interaction management. This includes work-item management, intelligent work-item routing and holistic process oversight. Work-item management converts items such as phone calls, instant messages and trouble tickets to objects that then are all processed in the same way. Intelligent work-item routing routes these objects based on a single set of rules that considers the customer’s profile, the agent best qualified to handle the contact and the availability of skilled resources to handle the contact. The newly enhanced analytics provides a view across the entire interaction-handling process. Thus, insights can be fed back to all business units involved in customer-related activities to help them improve their internal processes.

All of this supports Ventana Research’s view that the concept of a contact center is evolving. In light of that, organizations need to take a more holistic view of how they interact with customers and how they can improve interaction-handling across more communication channels and business units. As they do, we recommend that they assess inContact’s products.


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