Hadoop Maturity Differs by Size, Industry
A finding from Ventana Research’s benchmark research on Hadoop and Information Management    March 05, 2012


Applying the Ventana Research Maturity Index, which uses a four-level scale to assess organizational maturity, we find that the majority (58%) of organizations using Hadoop to manage large volumes of data are at the two middle levels, Advanced and Strategic. There are more at the highest Innovative level (24%) than at the lowest Tactical level (19%), which suggests that organizations addressing big data are taking the challenge seriously. However, within the four categories of the Ventana Research maturity model – People, Process, Information and Technology – there is considerable variation in degrees of maturity. Organizations are most mature in Information, with two-thirds (68%) ranking at the top two levels. They are least mature in Process, with the majority (57%) ranking at the two lowest levels. The level of maturity in adopting Hadoop also varies by organization size and industry. Small organizations (30%) and very large organizations (28%) are more likely to be Innovative than midsize (22%) or large (17%) ones.

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