Hadoop Users Confident in Ability To Manage Large-Scale Data
A finding from Ventana Research’s benchmark research on Hadoop and Information Management    March 02, 2012


Managing large amounts of structured and unstructured data is no easy task, but users of the Hadoop technology report confidence in their ability to do so. That is among the findings of benchmark research on organizations that are adopting or have adopted Hadoop. While 80 percent of Hadoop users expressed confidence in their large-scale data management capabilities, only 55 percent of non-Hadoop users expressed such confidence.

Asked to rate the levels of benefits they realize from data management technologies, Hadoop users reported greater benefits than those using other large-scale data technology in creating new products and services; saving on costs; performing analysis faster; utilizing computing resources more efficiently; and reducing the time required for data collection and preparation. Organizations using Hadoop also are producing data at a faster rate than others. Nearly one-half (48%) of them are producing more than 100GB of data per day, while less than one-quarter (22%) of other organizations produce a similar amount of data.

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