VPI Uses Analytics to Optimize Agents and Interactions
December 15, 2009

I recently got an end of year update from Voice Print International (VPI) who is one of the leading workforce optimization vendors that in a similar way to Aspect, NICE Systems and Verint provides a suite of products that covers core agent performance management functionality that I recently conducted some in depth benchmark research. VPI suite of products covers similar functionality to the big three – call recording, desktop capture, quality monitoring, training and coaching, and analytics and performance management. The latest version of its product VPI Empower  include a number of new enhancements, the most significant of which relate to a greater focus on analytics. The product is able to capture data from almost any data source, including calls, the agent’s desktop usage and data entered into other applications, and produce an analysis of this data. The resulting information can be displayed in various formats, everything from reports, real-time tickers on the agent desktop, performance dashboards, heat maps and alerts.

However the same analysis can be put to greater use. Basically it can be used to drive functionality in other modules like to identify calls that an agent has not handled particularly well, create a targeted evaluation form and session, and if appropriate identify immediate training the agent should undertake. This makes the agent quality monitoring more focused and information-driven, which should lead to improved performance in targeted areas. The analysis can be made available in real-time, allowing supervisors to spot immediate issues and to thus drive just-in-time coaching. The simultaneous capture of agent desktop usage during a call, allows the product to tag calls with what agents did at their desktop, again making it easier to target areas in need of improvement.

My research into customer experience management showed that the most innovative companies recognise just how important the role of the agent is when it comes to creating a good experience, with the top companies recognizing that agent attitude is the number one contributor to customer satisfaction. It is therefore essential for companies to know as quickly as possible how well their agents are handling calls, and for them to take action as soon as possible. The analytics-driven approach supported by VPI allows companies to do this and to focus their efforts where they will achieve the great benefits.

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Richard Snow - VP & Research Director


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