Verint Deepens Agent Performance Management
February 11, 2010

Verint is well known for its comprehensive suite of products that support agent performance management. My benchmark research into agent performance management showed that to properly manage the efficiency and effectiveness of agents handling customer interactions companies need to deploy smarter call routing, call recording, quality monitoring, workforce management, training and coaching management, agent compensation management and a comprehensive suite of agent-focussed analytics and performance management. Over the years Verint has built a portfolio of products, Impact 360 Workforce Optimization to support APM, at the heart of which is two strong analytics products, Impact 360 Data Analytics and Impact 360 Speech Analytics. With the latest acquisition of Iontas, Verint has strengthened its analytics capability even further by adding the ability to analyse how agents are using their desktop, known as desktop analytics.

The Iontas product can capture what agents are doing at their desktop; which applications they access, which data fields they use, how they navigate between applications etc. This allows companies to see exactly what their agents are doing as they handle different types of customer interactions. Analysis of this usage makes it possible to spot the most common ways agents handle interactions, and indeed which agents are driving best practises. Furthermore this analysis can be input for agent training/coaching needs analysis and even more broadly into how to optimize the process for handling different interaction types, both of which can have a significant impact on key metrics such as average handling times, customer satisfaction scores and agent performance metrics.
The ability of the Iontas product to help optimize interaction handling processes takes Verint into a new area. My benchmark research into customer experience management found that while some companies had documented the processes to handle interactions, many had not done so and those that had recognised the need to improve. The Iontas product has tools to help companies map interaction flows, and then using the desktop analytics, companies will be able to optimize those flows and subsequently improve the desktop they provide agents with. Most of my research benchmarks show that the agent desktop is a major contributor to poor agent performance; pushing up call times as agents have to navigate anything up to 20 applications, reducing customer satisfaction as agents take longer to provide them with the information they are seeking, and increasing agent training times simply because the desktop is so complex. This advancement deepens Verint to further compete in agent performance management which is now becoming a significant demand to optimize the effectiveness of agents towards customer and financial objectives. So companies wanting to address this key issue would do well to assess how this new addition to the Verint Workforce Performance Optimization suite for agent performance management could help them in their efforts.

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Richard Snow – Global VP & Research Director


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