The Renaissance of the Customer Agenda Starts in 2010
February 05, 2010

You recognize your responsibility to advance the competency and maturity of your customer-facing and contact center organizations through technology (See: “Seek Innovation and Optimization in 2010 at the Intersection of Business and Technology”). To realize the full potential of the customer relationship requires more than improving operational efficiency; it includes utilizing technology to help ensure optimal customer satisfaction through the process of customer experience management (CEM). Contributing to CEM is the ability to manage several channels of communications and support interactions electronically through unified communications directly integrated in a multichannel contact center. Unified communications also make it easier to manage physically present, virtual and at-home agents who interact with customers across the multiple channels; this we call the agent performance management. It requires the precise levels of support for coaching and incentives to adjust the behavior of agents as they work to achieve critical metrics such as first-call resolution (FCR) that contribute to key performance indicators (KPI) in many call centers.

This advances are not likely without the aid of better analytics and planning. These include both historical and predictive analytics and capture of actual customer sentiment through analytics through analysis of spoken interactions and text that is written in e-mail, online forums and the Internet. The information and data assets should be managed through  data governance and supporting technologies such as data quality, data integration and master data management for both customer data and product information management. Going farther, to innovate requires use of geography and analytics to produce location intelligence that can tell where customers should be engaged or may be acquired. Targeted information can be made available to consumers and customers through information applications be available on the Internet, including through social media channels, and via mobile technology.

Your business obviously depends on the customer asset. It is not wise to ignore investment in information and technology to optimize the interactions, experience and outcomes of your relationships. 

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Mark Smith – CEO & EVP Research


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