Seek Innovation and Optimization in 2010 at the Intersection of Business and Technology
February 05, 2010

I want to elaborate further on my recent dialogue on business and technology, and what organizations and especially IT need to consider focusing on in 2010 to innovate and operate more effectively (See: “A New Decade and Technology Charter for Business and IT Starts in 2010”). I outlined the opportunity to invest and be optimistic on what technology and information can do across your processes and talented people in the organization. I want to elaborate further on the dynamics and areas that will be a priority for those organizations who are progressive and believe they can change for the better in adopting technology that goes beyond conventional wisdom but truly shorten existing cycle times in business and increase value to those who are in need to do so.

The battle for being more progressive with technology is common place but the challenges in IT are deeply rooted in history and decades old budget processes and allocations of it. Many organizations have become comfortable in this position of having IT fight for technology budget to them get a similar percentage contributing to technology for optimizing and improving and even smaller percentage for those looking to innovate business. This is no surprise for IT but still shocking for those in business who believe their priority is most important but do not know how difficult it is to get funding through traditional IT budgeting and portfolio management. But as I have seen over recent year’s business is finding their way to increase their access and control of budgets as they look for methods to achieve the level of results mandated upon them.

I want to provide a quick summary of those business areas that are in most need of focus and what they must do for gaining the improvement necessary through using technology that can provide the information and capabilities required. These areas include smart and effective finance, the customer management agenda, operations across workforce and supply chain of products and services, sales and marketing operations and management, optimized IT and focus on information technology and using innovative and disruptive technology. These areas should be a top priority as they will have the largest contribution to business and organizational improvement. There have been an abundance of industry based solutions and associated marketing from technology vendors that might look good but should be closely examined to ensure you are not just adopting a generalized approach or just addressing only one specific area of an organization within an industry focus.

Each of the executive viewpoints I have written will overview our position of importance and priority by Ventana Research and will be followed up by a detailed perspective from others at Ventana Research. These will provide deeper insight and provide reference to the fact-based research and education that drives our firm to provide the greatest value to the industry.

Smart and Effective Finance
The Customer Management Agenda
Operations across Workforce and Supply Chain of Products and Services 
Sales and Marketing Operations and Management 
Optimized IT and Focus on information technology and
Using Innovative and Disruptive Technology 

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Mark Smith – CEO & EVP Research


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