Quality of Agents Maximized with Nexidia Speech Analytics
January 12, 2010

Nexidia is recognised as one of the leading independent vendors of a speech analytics product called Enterprise Speech Intelligence. The foundation of its product is the use of phonetics-based analysis to index the content of recorded calls and then define rules that essentially allow users to aggregate calls into different buckets which relate to specific business initiatives. The product includes extensive analysis and presentation options to analyse the data and provide users with an extensive array of information in some highly innovative formats. The core product also includes root cause analysis, workflow and alerts that help ensure that action is taken to address the issues causing the identified outcomes, thus closing the loop and making the product a true performance management application.

However Nexidia’s strategy is to make life even easier for users by developing pre-packaged offerings that focus on specific business initiatives. During 2009 it released packages that are focussed on improving first call resolution rates, an out-of-the-box speech analytics starter pack, and integration directly to telephone switching equipment as I wrote about previously (See: “Nexidia Launches First Real-time Speech Analytics“). The latest package ESI-Quality focuses on agent performance. This uses exactly the same phonetics-based analysis to identify calls that match pre-define quality criteria and these can be bundled together using a combination of the already define business criteria/initiatives. Additional rules allow users to create performance metrics that define above and below performance. Reports then show which initiatives are beating targets and which are not. These reports can be structured to mirror the organisational structure of a company’s contact center and so allow user to see summary reports at the top level and then drill down by different centers, different teams and eventually to individual agents. There are links to a rudimentary agent quality monitporing system that helps create agent quality performance forms and to identify specific training or coaching requirements. Alternatively the product includes integration to third party systems such as Knowlagent and Merced Systems (See: “Merced Systems and Nexidia Partner for Agent Performance Management“).

My recent benchmark research into agent performance management showed that the traditional agent quality management process and system still prevail in the majority of companies. These typically involve manually listening to a very small number of recorded calls, filling in a form and then leaving it largely to chance if follow-up action is taken. This latest package from Nexidia means that companies can base agent performance assessment on a 100% of calls, pre-defined rules make the assessment much more objective and the closed-loop processes supported by the application make sure appropriate action is taken. Companies that want to improve agent performance and as a consequence improve customer service would do well to take a look at what Nexidia ESI now supports.

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Richard Snow - VP & Research Director


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