Merced Systems and Nexidia Partner for Agent Performance Management
November 17, 2009

Merced Systems has been working hard over the last few years and advanced companies with a more formal, analytics-driven approach to managing contact centers with a focus on agent performance management for better customer service. My research into customer experience management confirmed this is something companies really need to do in order to optimize the performance of their agents and ensure that customers experience much better service when they call into a company’s contact center. The Merced Performance Suite combines data from several sources to provide an analysis of just how well agents are performing and therefore which agents need focused training into how to handle interactions better.

Nexidia is one of a few vendors that has spotted that call recordings contain a great deal of information about how agents are performing and also about how callers are responding to how they are treated by agents (see “analyzing voice recordings”) . The issue in the past has been accessing this information simply because recorded calls have no fixed structure, making them very difficult to analyse, Nexidia’s phonetic search technology enables it to unlock this information and thus support analysis into the content of calls.

Their recent joint announcement to partner in this space therefore makes absolute sense as it furthers both companies ability to support companies as they try to get to grips with optimizing the performance of their agents. Nexidia’s ability to analyse the content of calls will feed nicely into overall analysis supported by Merced, giving companies a much fuller insight into why customers are calling, how agents are dealing with those calls, and it will also add to the company’s view of their customers. Another added bonus is that the combined solution will allow companies to link example calls to training recommendations, both allowing agents to hear where they are going wrong and examples of how other agents are getting it right. My benchmark research into agent performance management confirms that this channel of communication is essential to not just monitor but use to improve agent behaviour.

As companies fight to balance the operating costs in their centers with the need to provide customers with excellent experience, I recommend they see how this combined offering can help in their efforts.

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Richard Snow - VP & Research Director


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