Informatica Goes Super-Real-Time with 29West Acquisition
March 23, 2010

Informatica ( has announced the acquisition of 29West, which brings ultra-low-latency messaging technology to an Informatica portfolio of technologies that already spans data integration, data quality, master data management, B2B Data Exchange and complex event processing (CEP). This newly added technology plays a vital role in satisfying industries’ technology requirements for instantaneous integration through zero latency messaging. 29West, founded in 2002, focused on addressing the lowest-level latency integration that can operate within the largest trading environments; it has more than 100 customers and a significant presence in financial services organizations. This messaging technology can be used for market data distribution of the kind offered by the likes of Reuters and also for trade order routing, trade matching and back office processing in financial services; it has applicability to other industries as well.

This technology acquisition is a significant step that moves Informatica in the messaging market space beyond where IBM and Tibco operate. This technology can be used across a broad range of network and other industry requirements to address customer order processing or supply chain integration and across communications industry integration with hundreds of millions of mobile devices. In fact, the addition of 29West will complement and work well with the recent acquisition of AgentLogic (See: “Informatica Acquires Agent Logic and Enters Operational Intelligence Market“) for CEP to enable what I call Operational Intelligence. Our benchmark research on the topic clearly identified the need for real time integration across the enterprise and Internet.

This acquisition announcement comes on the heels of my recent analysis of Informatica at its global analyst summit (See: “Informatica Demonstrates the Value of Data for Every Organization“). The acquisition moves Informatica into a more strategic position in the financial services and global banking industry, but the technology will play a strategic role for a broader market opportunity within the PowerCenter product line. Informatica is busy making acquisitions, including recently acquiring Siperian for MDM to expand its footprint and be seen as the logical provider of integration technologies compared to IBM and Oracle. I believe that Informatica is a critical provider of integration technology across the enterprise and the Internet as well as via cloud computing. It will be important for Informatica to better inform the market on the future of its acquisitions to the product portfolio as the acquisition occurs. With its broadened range of offerings, Informatica will find itself in more CIO strategic review discussions, being invited to address the largest challenges in IT portfolios today – those that involve leveraging existing investments for maximum value through integration.

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Mark Smith – CEO & EVP Research


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