Cybertech International Advances Into Contact Center Market
October 22, 2009

Cybertech International isn’t a vendor that I was familiar with until I visited their stand at Contact Center Expo in Birmingham UK a few weeks ago where I provided analysis on other announcements (See: Call Centre and Customer Management Expo Highlights Cloud Computing) . Since then I have learned it is a well established brand in the international financial service market with its call recording product. This enables financial services, and other companies to record customer calls to meet regulatory requirements. The product is a fully functional system the supports the secure recording of calls from either traditional telephony or VoIP-based networks, and has the additional advantage that it runs on standard computer hardware and software platforms. This make it highly flexible so that it can be configured to record calls in single or multi-site locations, and users can also configure it to record all calls or only those that they select. The system is scalable and can record from thousands of channels simultaneously.

With this track record, Cybertech has identified the contact center as a primary target market. My benchmark research (See: Agent Performance Management) into  shows that even with such a good track record, Cybertech could well struggle in this market as it is already quite over crowded with other vendors such as Envision, Knoahsoft, LiveOps, Nice Systems, Verint and Voice Print International, and penetration rates are also very high. Therefore, very sensibly in my opinion, it has decided to expand its product portfolio into areas closely associated with call recording. It has therefore launched initial versions of an agent quality monitoring system and can also now include the capture of agent screen usage. My research show these are both critical systems needed by contact center managers to monitor and assess the performance of their agents. The current versions are quite basic but upgraded versions are planned for release during early 2010.

The very latest announcement sees it partnering with Callminer in the UK market to add speech analytics to the portfolio. Speech analytics has become one of those hot topics as vendors try and persuade companies this is the very latest way to undercover the “voice of the customer”. I totally support their argument (“Are Your Customer Metrics and Business Intelligence Good Enough”) as companies typically have thousands of recorded calls which they make very little use of, even though embedded in them is a very clear picture of their customers’ issues. Speech analytics allows companies to gain these insights and the smart ones use these insights to address a wide range of both back and front office issues. So again it seems like a smart move by Cybertech and it will be interesting to watch how it develops these additional products and partnerships.

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Richard Snow - VP & Research Director


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