Business Intelligence – Less Comedy and More Insight Desperately Needed
February 01, 2010

I think we all know by now that business intelligence is important and that organizations should make it easier and more available for everyone in the organization. I would hope that you also at the same time make if faster and have it at a lower cost. I should not forget to tell you that it is available via open source and available online via software as a service. Whether or not you call it pervasive or real time it makes no difference if you do not understand how to provide the context and ability to take action from the information.

If I forgot to mention the importance of using technology and business events or geographic context with BI, well that is only because is something you do not hear this from the conventional wisdom views from most analyst firms today. Your BI technology requires collaboration and the guidance on actions taken with context of goals, objectives and plans to reach desired performance. This is a required set of activities for supporting performance management. To make this happen requires better management of data to ensure that information is of high quality and governed effectively.

Yes and having faster and cheaper data warehouses to support business intelligence throughout the enterprise would be good too. Let’s not forget that you need executive leadership and some best practices to avoid the worst ones. All of this has a high probability of occurring in your organization over the next decade. If you need to know about specific vendors and products, well I would recommend placing Dippin’ Dots on a piece of paper to help figure out which vendors are better for you. OK, I am joking, but Dippin’ Dots are really good.

If none of this makes any sense to you, well, then reading more useful insights on BI technologies like ones I listed below can provide you a deeper technology perspective and where the vendors can help your business intelligence initiatives. When you are done reading and want a grounded perspective with real advice and insight, well read my letter to you and see what you need to do next to be successful.

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Host Analytics Take Corporate Focused Performance Management to the Next Level
IBM Fuses New Generation of Analytics for Deeper Business Optimization
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Informatica Brings Business and IT Together for Your Data in Version 9
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MicroStrategy Brings Future Vision and Reality of Business Intelligence to Customers
myDials Optimizing Operational Performance Like No Other
Oracle Taking BI into a New Set of Applications
Larry Ellison Stumps Oracle Exadata and Fusion Applications with California Governor
SAP Brings Business Intelligence and Business Analytics Advancements to Industry
SAP Promotes Value of EPM and GRC at SAP Reporting Conference
Splunk Expands IT Search into Information Applications
Spreadsheets – You’re Not as Smart as You Think
The Sun is Shining on the Adaptive Planning Cloud
Teradata Steps Up Version 13 into Cloud Computing and New Appliance

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Mark Smith – CEO & EVP Research


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