Attensity Listening to Social Media World
October 20, 2009

If anyone is in any doubt the way people communicate with each other and with companies has changed dramatically (see “Unlock Customer Voice through Text Analytics”).  People used to write letters, and then the phone came along. People used to call each other then the mobile phone came along and everyone started texting each other. People used to use the Internet to search for information and now they use it to chat with friends and companies. And now Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites are here and people use them to chat with friends and companies. And now with smart mobile devices, people do all of this, all of the time no matter where they are – so we have indeed entered the “social world” where lots of people have transitioned to using text-based communication to stay in touch, find information and what is going on, and complain.

All of this plays to the core strengths of Attensity, with their text analytics technologies designed to help you with understanding the voice of your customers in their main product Voice of the Customer 5. This allows companies to collect all of these text-based communications – of which there are many, many thousands – and finally make sense of their content. In the “good old days” companies could only do this by reading the communications and individuals then analysing the content. The Attensity products allow companies to automate this process, and thus gain the benefit of saving time and effort identifying common issues being raised by customers and prospects. The products can do the simple things like spotting key words and phrases but by using sophisticated analysis techniques, they can put words into context, identify underlying sentiments (“I intend to go to a competitor”), and do trend analysis. This information can be shown in various forms of reports and graphics, enabling companies to identify where they need to take action, and indeed what action to take. This is essential for business today and was found to be a growing demand in my benchmark on Customer Experience Management.

With its latest developments, Attensity has stepped into this social world by enabling companies to capture what customers are saying about them on social media sites through recently announced Attensity Cloud. Powered by a company and product called Radian6 and its social media technology, it enables companies to extract the text-based messages customers are writing about them on designated social media sites. The contextual capabilities mean that companies only see messages that relate to them, and then the full power of the analytics provides the same insights that can be gained from any other text-based interactions.

However knowing what customers are saying is not really enough (See: “Customer Analytics – Use Them or Lose Them (customers)“) . So the product allows companies to integrate the information with information extracted from other systems such as CRM and ERP and then based on rules decide the best way to respond. For example the information, and a suggested action, can be sent to a contact center agent to respond , or the information could be used to create a company initiated tweet, or it could be stored in a knowledge base to support similar requests being entered on a self-help web sites.
In an innovative move, to demonstrate the power of the product Attensity is using the product to analyse tweets on Twitter about popular events e.g. Obama receiving the noble prize and publishing the results on their web site and YouTube – truly showing Attensity has entered the social media world. As more and more people adopt social media sites as a main stream way of communicating, I recommend you examine Attensity and understand the full implications of what customers are saying about your organization. This insight might prepare you to better respond and also prepare your contact center for being efficient in the response to individuals who are venting on the Internet and is part of what you need to make your agents effective (See: Agent Performance Management Benchmark).

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Richard Snow - VP & Research Director


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