About the Benchmark
Business Data in the Cloud

Ventana Research has completed benchmark research to assess the information management challenges created by cloud-based applications. In this research, "the cloud" included SaaS business applications such as salesforce.com and applications deployed on "public cloud" infrastructures such as Amazon Web Services. It examined issues found in "private cloud" deployments and compared those efforts with public cloud computing. We explored issues associated with the migration of data from on-premises to cloud storage and from one cloud service to another. These challenges were compared to the challenges of managing internal data to determine what additional requirements the cloud imposes or what additional capabilities it enables for analytics within an organization and its ecosystem.

The research also examined how cloud-related issues vary by industry, line-of-business function, size of organization and geography. It uncovered companies' best practices in managing cloud-based data and supporting the effective use of analytics in that environment, the challenges they face and how they intend to improve their situation in the coming years.

The benchmark identified trends, market opportunities and organizational requirements associated with cloud deployments especially as they impact information management processes. It is designed to help enterprises as well as technology suppliers in this market to understand the key information management challenges of stakeholders as they evaluate and adopt cloud-based product offerings. The research will also help you determine the information management requirements for organizations as they adopt these products and services.

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