Big Data Integration

Ventana Research is undertaking this benchmark research, The Challenges of Big-Data Integration, focusing on the many issues associated with accessing and transforming big data for processing and choosing technologies and tools to facilitate these efforts. This research will investigate the many possible approaches to this challenge, from replication or migration of data and transportation of data from real-time feeds to consolidation or reference to master data management or translation through data quality processes and systems.

This research will examine the use of big-data integration in the real world to discover how organizations use it or are planning to use it effectively and derive value from it. It will investigate use cases across industries and lines of business. The research will investigate the integration technology flexible enough to handle big data regardless of whether it originates in the enterprise or across the Internet. For this reason, tools for big-data integration must be able to work with a range of underlying architectures and data technologies including data appliances, flat files, Hadoop and in-memory computing as well as conventional database technologies like RDBMS and the nonrelational structures of content and text.

 This benchmark research will identify, explore and quantify the ways in which organizations use big-data integration to gain business value from their data investments. It will explore the perceived value of more effective data management processes, and it will assess the relative maturity of large-scale data integration in the dimensions of people, process, information and technology. The result of which will help organizations assess their environment and examine best practices and methods for select integration technology and processes to help with their big data environments.

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