Business Technology Innovations 2015 Research Agenda
Insight on Research Priorities: The Business Technology Landscape

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Ventana Research's guidance on Business Technology Innovations examines how technology can be applied to engage business executive to employees across an organization in an efficient and effective manner. This year's research agenda for will focus on:

  • Big Data is a new platform
  • Business Analytics is ticket to success
  • Business collaboration is social revolution
  • Cloud Computing is new software service utility
  • Mobile is new platform
  • Wearable Technology introduces new workforce engagement and optimization
Benchmark Research:
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data Integration
  • Contact Center in the Cloud
  • Data and Analytics in the Cloud
  • Next Generation Business Planning
  • Next Generation Customer Analytics
  • Next Generation Learning Management
  • Next Generation Marketing Analytics
  • Next Generation Sales Analytics
  • Next Generation Talent Management
  • Office of Finance
  • Payroll Optimization
  • Recurring Revenue
  • Sales Compensation Management



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